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HIZEN3+ KYK Hydrogen Water Generator

RM 7,900.00 RM 9,900.00

HIZEN3+ is KYK’s premium range of hydrogen water generator. It is capable of generating clean and healthy alkaline water enriched with high concentration of dissolved hydrogen molecules (up to 1550 ppb*). It is capable of diffusion deep into our cells and neutralize free radicals which is responsible in causing chronic diseases.


Dimensions: 314(W)X425(H)X124(D)mm
Purifying filter voltage / frequency: AC220V, 60Hz 150VA
Weight: 5kg
Power consumption: 150VA

*Made in KOREA


  • Advanced aluminum hairline front panel
  • High performance ceramic valve system
  • Advanced special membrane electrolyze system
  • No ozone odor
  • Rich Minerals
  • Advance 3 filters system for clean and pleasant taste
  • Auto voice messages
  • Built-in filter chip for measuring capacity and life span
  • Dissolved hydrogen > 1550 ppb
  • Tender hydrogen water
  • Strong hydrogen water
  • Purified water
  • Ozone water for sterilization
  • Automated Cleaning for long life span
  • Flow rate control for optimum hydrogen generation
  • LCD panel
  • Setting Mode